In the early noughties, just as Koramangala began its journey towards becoming one of the hottest localities in Bangalore, China Pearl set-up shop. It started off as a small, hole-in-the-wall establishment that could seat no more than a handful of people. And as the years went by, it came to be recognised as one of the neighbourhood’s most-loved eat-out joints that offered value for money. A decade and a few years later, China Pearl has moved to a fancy location that can seat over 100 people now. Things have gotten spiffier, but it still remains a Koramangala favourite. LBB finds out why.

Because It Gets You Nostalgic

When you walk in through the doors, you are bound to be transported to Bangalore in the 90s. Back then, the city had a few Chinese restaurants that were loved by families and gangs of friends {remember Rice Bowl and Chinese Hut?}. And they all pretty much looked the same. The red-on-white table cloths, the comfy sofas, the occasional Chinese lettering — China Pearl has it all. But, of course, it’s all taken up a notch so that it still fits in 2016.  

Because The Service Is Quick

Even on a Sunday, when the restaurant is packed with families, couples on a date, and friends who are catching up – China Pearl’s service remains close to impeccable. It may start off slow {like it did in our case}. They take their time in bringing you the menu and your first glass of water. But once your order is placed, the dishes lineup at your table in record time.

Because The Portions Are Generous

We ordered a starter and a soup {by two, of course}. And by the time we were a few bites into our main course, we were full. While the prices at China Pearl have climbed up steadily, the generous portions mean that it’s still value-for-money.

Because They Know Comfort Food

The Chicken Kim Fa Soup — a thick, broth with small cubes of chicken and tomato — proves to be the perfect accompaniment to a balmy day. As is the Lat Kay Fa, chunks of fried chicken that have a lovely crunch. And are coated in a sticky, slightly sweet glaze.

Because They Love Spices

This is Chinese food done just the way we like it. The ingredients may be foreign but the spice quotient is Indian. Like in the Natsu Kay, a chicken dish that came with a thick gravy that had an unmissable hit of garlic and ginger, along with a sprinkling of spices. The bowl of Malaysian Noodles, though a tad bit on the greasy side, also didn’t lack on the flavour front. 

Feature Photo: China Pearl