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Spread Joy, Spread Chocolate: Hoard Treats From This Brand To Enter Cocoa Heaven

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Jindal Cocoa

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What Makes It Awesome

One food group that is amazing in every shape & form -- powder, bar, butter, syrup (even in curries -- ask the Mexicans!) is sweet, sweet chocolate. We wonder why, but questioning the good things in life is a crime. All we're asking of you is to hoard more of this goodness from an awesome homegrown brand, Jindal Cocoa. Their love for chocolate stems right at the bean, that they source from India and Switzerland, and ends at their many products produced at their manufacturing unit in Jammu. 

What's on the line up? Well, if you're someone that picks hot chocolate over any other beverage, their Drinking Chocolate in Mocha or Cinnamon comes highly recommended. Like the sound of chocolate on chocolate? Then get Jindal's Classic Chocolate Syrup and add a liberal squeeze to your hot chocolate. Chocolate for breakfast or midnight hunger pangs? Stock up Jindal's chocolate spreads. Plural, yes. They've got a Peanut Cream, Hazelnut Cream and Almond Cream and infused with oodles of chocolate, of course. From the looks of it, these scream finger-licking good!

Hot chocolate starts at INR 90 while the spreads start at INR 120. You can even buy combo packs right here on LBB. Go on then, live your own "(insert your name) And The Chocolate Factory" time at home.