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This Food-Truck Comes With Live Music, Peri Peri Rolls, And A Bill Of Only INR 200


    Chow is the newest food truck on the road and it does live grills, pizzas, wraps, and rice bowls. All this and more for just under INR 200.

    Chow Down

    Peri Peri Chicken Wrap

    Sip On

    Tropical Ginger Soda

    Winning For

    Everything here will set you back by only INR 200. Plus, the live music scene is something we have never seen at another food truck in the city.

    Lowdown On The Ambience

    Being a food truck you’ll think that there’s no ambience, but you are wrong. The guys who run the kitchen have added a bit of an atmosphere by putting out a few chairs for you to sit and eat, play songs on request, and even chat with you if you are solo “food-trucking”. Recently, they even introduced live music sessions. Food and music? We are game!

    Eat Your Heart Out

    Chow is all about eating to your heart’s content. The step-by-step menu allows you to customise food and that’s a concept that sells brilliantly with us. You start off with choosing the base {pizza, sub, rice bowl, salad, or wrap}, then move on either a vegetarian or non-vegetarian mains, then the sauces, and finally the veggies.

    We ordered a wrap with peri peri chicken {extra spicy on request} and sauced it up with sweet chilli and garlic mayo. For that extra crunch, we added jalapenos and onions. What we loved about the roll was that despite being slightly messy to eat, you could taste the fieriness of the chicken from the first bite. Plus, the sauce complemented the chicken while the mayo added that zing. To wash down the food, we ordered a Tropical Ginger Soda. A little too gingery for us, but nonetheless did its job.

    So We Are Thinking...

    We love the ambience, especially with the whole live music scene. We are definitely going back to try some subs and pizzas and well as for more of those delish rolls.


    The food truck is currently situated near The Black Pearl restaurant in Koramangala 5th Block. You can follow the food truck around through their Facebook page.