Church Street Bans Vehicles From 5PM To 10PM And Is Only Open To Pedestrians

    It’s not even been 10 days since the spanking new version of Church Street was unveiled, and it’s already causing confusion. No, not because it’s been badly made. It looks wonderful, and we love it. But in better news, the government has decided to make it a pedestrians-only street, between 5pm and 10pm, daily. This means you can amble along the pretty road, stop by at Bookworm or Blossom, load up on interesting tomes, before stopping by for some seriously good pizza at Brik Oven. Then of course, there’s Church Street Social to hit up at the end of the street, before you either catch a cab or ride the Metro on MG Road.

    While we’re pleased to have a walkers street, albeit only for five hours a day, the uproar is due to the fact that parking has been banned on the street completely. This comes as a bit of a shock, as parking bays have been specifically created on the newly make road. Until that is sorted though, we’re heading off for a stroll into the sunset before the rule is overturned again!

    This post originally appeared in The Deccan Herald; read the entire piece here.