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Art Installations To Doodle Canvas: Church Street Social's New Makeover Is Lit And Insta-Worthy

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Church Street Social's new and total makeover after four years is one worth checking out. It's got quirky art installations to plenty of Insta-worthy spots! 

Artsy Makeover

The first thing that you notice when you step into the new Social is how brighter and colourful it looks. It's like someone decided that enough of the industrial look, let's create something more vibrant and artsy. That someone is Lekha Washington, who’s even designed for The Burning Man festival. It's a proper makeover mind you, with the Social folks calling this 2.0 version, the #Artlet. You'll see why from the hanging dervish, the neon lights that double up as art installations and abstract to modern paintings that adorn the walls. Our favourite space is the Blue Room, which looks like someone's thrown bucket loads of blue paint. In the middle of it all, a 10-foot red dot that might look like an installation but is, in fact, a chair. Dibs on that! The room above this get a similar treatment but in red, hence Red Room. Highly Insta-worthy! Treat the whole space as an art gallery where artists like Lekha, Shilo Shiv Suleman, Siddhartha Karawal, and Laila Vaziralli have put up their installations that range from modern to abstract. 

Work, Play, Repeat

One thing remains with the new avatar that it'll still be the go-to space for all you creative folks, free-thinkers, and entrepreneurs. If you are a writer, photographer, freelancer developer or just a person looking for a nice spot to work out from, this is it. Along with this, the space will also be a spot for frequent exhibitions and showcasing new art pieces. The art on display will be available for sale in the coming months with an art menu for you to browse from. Plus, don't miss out on the mini canvas board on each table where you can doodle when you are friends are being too boring. Of course with the new look come new menu and new drinks. Our recommended bites are the greasy Dosa-dias with the bacon and sausage masala served with a piquant red chutney and the Crispy Pork Po Boy Sandwich. Pair it with the drama-queen Vitamin G(in) cocktail that's served in a conical glass with flavoured ice and Vantablack that comes with fresh black grapes and vodka!