The City's Only Brazilian Restaurant Loads You Up On Meaty Barbecues And Brilliant Desserts

    Kammanahalli, Bangalore


    The only Brazilian restaurant in town and perhaps the country, Churrascaria Brazil offers authentic churrascaria barbeques in the city.

    Chow Down

    Pork sausages, beef barbecue, beans on the side, and caramel pudding.

    Sip On

    Freshly brewed Brazilian black coffee

    Winning For

    Authentic and absolutely incredible barbecues done right! Their staff and the owner, Bruno Camera, are great to talk to and walk you through the entire process of how to indulge in Brazilian barbecues the right way.

    Lowdown On The Ambience

    The place features a floor-to-ceiling glass window that replaces the exterior wall of the restaurant. You can park yourself at this window and look out onto the city. Everything is in its right place and the entire restaurant is painted in Brazilian pantone shades that really welcome one to the entire experience the restaurant has to offer. The waiters even wear Brazilian national jerseys! {olé, olé, olé, olé!}

    Starry Eyed Starters and Sides

    The restaurant experience is based around a predominantly buffet style meal course while you can also be served their selection of meats. The diners are offered the choice of loading up on all the delicious sides they have to offer; from beans and rice to noodles and beef stew, before they are served the actual barbecue meat.

    Viva La Brazil

    The meats (chicken, pork sausage, and beef) come to you on a stake and the server cuts out a section of the meat for you to gorge on, almost like you would if you were doing a barbecue for yourself at home! Each of their meats is cooked differently so as to bring out their characteristic flavours, so do try everything they offer.

    Don’t fret if you are vegetarian because there’s plenty on offer such as spaghetti, an okra and pumpkin dish, beans, barbecued pineapple, fried banana and a selection of salads. The desserts here are to die-for. Try the caramel pudding here and you will forget all your worries.

    So We're Thinking

    If you’re looking for an all-you-can-eat meat loaded buffet on a budget, then look no further! The servers will not stop serving you till you expressly tell them to. If you aren’t a big eater and would not like to pay the entire amount for the all-you-can-eat buffet, then do tell them because they can then cater to you a meal that will go easy on your stomach and your wallet.


    Oh, and if you eat there on ten separate occasions, you’re entitled to a free meal there provided you have all the boxes ticked on your loyalty card!

      Kammanahalli, Bangalore