New BEL Road's Dessert Spot Does Churros Bowls, Ice Cream Sandwiches And Bacon Toppings

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Churro loops dipped in dark chocolate to ice cream cookie sandwiches, this dessert spot has a massive menu that will leave you wanting to try all sorts of combinations. Sweet-toothed folks, say hello to Messy Eats. Oh, and please carry a bib if you want to shield your clothes!

A Messy Sugary Affair

Aptly named, Messy Eats is all about sugary desserts and having ice cream or chocolate sauce drip all over you if you are not too careful. But that’s the least of your worries. Choosing what to order is the main concern here. With the menu divided into waffles, ice cream, churros, and ice cream sandwiches, you might be overwhelmed. We say start off with the Churro Bowl, which is a testament to what all wonders you can do with a churro. Unlike your regular stick churros that you are used, the churro bowl is what the name exactly implies — churro batter shaped to look like a mini bowl and thrn fried. Adding the messy element is a scoop of ice cream inside it. Choice of ice cream can be anything from vanilla to Snickers {yum!}. And if you are a fan of churros, then do try the Churro Loop {highly Insta-worthy. Just see the photo above}, that’s dipped in dark chocolate and topped with colourful sprinkles.

Once you are done with the churros, you might want to take a swing at the Ice Cream Sandwiches that comes with three flavours of cookies — Vanilla Chocochip, Dark Chocolate, and Red Velvet. You can customise your ice cream sandwich with any flavour of ice cream and toppings, so hurrah. We’re thinking Red Velvet Chocolate Chocochip Ice Cream Sandwich.

Create, Eat, Repeat

If you think you have had too much sugar for the day, there are Stuffed Onion Rings and Stuffed Tater Tots for you to munch on. There’s also Loaded Nachos for anyone who wants a bit of cheese to cut out the sugar. Thick shakes, pancakes, waffles of four kinds — regular, bubble, rainbow, and stick {phew!}, French toasts, and pancakes complete rest of the menu.

Oh, and lest we forget, they have chicken and bacon toppings that you can add to almost any snack for that savoury bite. How cool is that, right?