Malty Or Light: No Matter What Time It Is, This Brand Has The Perfect Coffee For You


Not quite a coffee connoisseur but love drinking it as much as one? Classic Coffees’ new range of blends will break down your coffee from morning to night — literally.

Caffeine Kick

Sourced from the Harley Estate in Sakleshpur and the Kalladevarapura Estate in Chikmagalur, coffee has been in the family for five generations. Now, expanding from the usual offerings, they’ve launched a cool range of coffees that will sort you out with the perfect type of caffeine from morning to night. So all you coffee noobs, no need to figure how much to steep it or how to brew it get a lighter cuppa. And the best part? They’ve named — and coloured — them such that you won’t need to even think twice! With instructions as to how to make them too, you’ll likely be a pro maker and taster soon enough too. So, let’s all drink to that. 

Sunrise To Sundown

Blaze, in a sunshine yellow package, is the perfect caffeine kick to start the mornings with. I loved that it was a bit malty and intense, and while is may seem a bit bitter, the heavy brew does settle in after a sip or two. Then for the afternoon, naturally the Matinee {the red bag} is in order. Perky, slightly spicy and light, it had the right amount of acidity to perk me up for an afternoon meeting. To wind down with, I quite enjoyed the Sundowner — suitably in a light aqua green packaging, but there was a hint of sweet which wasn’t quite my cup of tea {coffee?}. But what my favourite aspect of this line of new brews is that they have a coffee for the night!

Busting the myth that it isn’t wise to have coffee at night, Tapaswini and Chandni Purnesh, part of the family that runs Classic Coffees, mulled over the fact that they needed their night cap! And thus the Afterhours {in a pleasing purple packet} was born! A mellow and flavourful blend that is smooth and goes down well, I liked how it did help me unwind. That said, my favourite is still the Matinee.


The coffees are available at Godrej Natures Basket, Westside Gourmet, Namdhari , Nilgiri, all major airports in addition to e-commerce portals such as Amazon, Wind My Wings and Place Of Origin.