Handloom Fabrics & Classic Cuts: This Label Is Setting Trends For Womenswear

What Makes It Awesome?

Fashion trends keep on changing, and styles change according to the season, but some trends fade away just to make a comeback years later. Yet, there are clothes we own that never run out of trend, they are timeless and fit seamlessly on several occasions. Good fabric never runs out of trend, and Ela is just that. Ela is a sustainable fashion label for women. The name means ‘Leaf’ in Malayalam. It was launched when the desire to create an affordable and sustainable fashion label and the need to escape big city merged together. Inspired by India's rich textile history and the opportunity available to create a more contemporary wardrobe for young Indian women from handloom and hand-woven fabrics made Bindu Nair pack her bags and head back to her roots to create Ela. The attempt was to create a valuable business model from scratch, with affordable overheads and close proximity to their sourcing centres.  Their collection brings together handloom fabrics in contemporary cuts, largely focusing on crisp work wear for women, although they do have a more casual line, as well, for a more relaxed weekend style.    They source handloom and handwoven fabrics from across the country, either through weavers directly or through weaver cooperatives. Although the production happens solely in Kerala, they ship across the country.