If You Are Investing In Hand Sanitisers, Get These Cruelty-Free, Vegan Ones From This Brand

    What Makes It Awesome

    Sanitisers have become so essential that you cannot do without one in the current times. And with almost every other brand releasing a sanitiser of their own, there are way too many choices. Clean Sense is one such brand that we like for its range of sanitisers & personal care products that are made following all the WHO guidelines. They use natural extracts in their products and it's 100 per cent vegan and devoid of any sulphates and paraben. 

    Take their hand sanitiser gel that's got aloe vera & neem extracts and more than 70 per cent alcohol content. Not only does it keep your hands germ-free, but it also keeps them soft and hydrated. You can pick up both travel-sized as well as regular-sized hand sanitisers too. We like the travel-sized one and it's got lemon extracts, so you're left with a lemony scent after use. Plus, it's non-sticky too. Apart from this, all these are rinse-free hand sanitisers, so that's quite convenient too.