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    Look no further than Clovve for handcrafted leather products at affordable prices. From wallets to journals, they’ve got you covered.

    Handmade happiness

    A leather brand which focusses on handcrafted luxury leather products, Clovve isn’t all about high-priced bags which you’ll never take out of the cupboard for fear of ruining. They make stuff that is only utility oriented, that too for daily life. So think credit card holders, laptop sleeves, unisex bags, leather journals, pocket-sized leather diaries, and wallets. What we love most from their collection is the DSLR wrist bands that keep shutter bugs glued to their cameras in style {yes, we’re not large fans of the clunky neck straps when we’re wearing LBDs}. Also check out their yellow vintage diary with an old-school lock on it. Or their raw silk note books to look stylish at your next meeting.

    Lasting leather

    Durable, supple and fashionable enough to show-off, the material they use is treated to last long. Currently, the collection is an amalgamation of leather with various other materials like silk and wool. Those wondering about the ecology, then they also use re-use stuff like old Vedic books, sarees and other scrap material to use in creating their final products. Then, combining that with international quality leather, they give each product a different and unique look. Perhaps that is why you won’t find two of the same piece {unless you’re uber lucky}. So in a sense their collection is exclusive and limited edition. And all that at affordable rates. What’s not to like?

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    Price: INR 400 upwards

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