5 Clutches That'll Go With Any Kind Of Outfit

If you only have that one black clutch because you think it matches with all your clothes (duh!), we're here to help you break away from the monotony! Here's our list of the top 5 clutches we found on Shop On LBB that you can pair with most, if not all of your clothes:

Frida Kahlo Printed Clutch

First of all, it's got Frida Kahlo on it! Need we say more? No, really. If you're looking to up the quirk on your OOTD, blindly go for this clutch. We'd say it would go perfectly with a nice dress or even with jeans and basic tees. Either way, this is a must-have statement piece!

Floral Embroidered Sequin Silk Clutch

You know how sometimes you've to go from that wedding reception and head straight to the bar? Well, this clutch is for those occasions. Compact, yet with enough space to keep your phone and car keys, we think this one is all about practicality for the modern woman!

Multicoloured Rectangular Clutch

Bored of florals and girly prints? Get something more abstract, then. This one will especially add a pop of colour to your more formal outfits!

Handcrafted Bloom Embroidered Beaded Jute Clutch

Eco-friendly, cute and trendy: this is one of our favourite clutches on this list! The brand Dhaaga actually uses hand-embroidery to create these intricately done up accessories. Carry this clutch when you're off on a picnic or on a first date. It's super cute!