Check Out The Professional Cobbler Service In Koramangala

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What Makes It Awesome?

Do you have some favourite shoes or bags that are in desperate need of repairs? Some mending, polishing or even recolouring?! Worry not because Pressto Cobbler is finally here, they will refurbish your old shoes and make those look sparkling new. From basic mending services like a sole repair to cleaning and polishing the shoes as you can never do at home, Pressto can do everything when it comes to shoes and bags. You'd be surprised to see the results when they are done.

This company has years of experience in shoes and bag care and they understand the value of these prized items in your wardrobe. Especially the branded products that we would like to cherish and keep longer. For men's shoes, they can not only fix the soles but also replace entirely with leather, rubber or a mix of both. For women's shoes, they take extra care for all those delicate pumps that may have a broken heel or two. Pressto boasts of expert craftsmanship in this department.

They can also darken, lighten or completely change the colour of your leather shoes on demand. So no need to discard your dull withered shoes or bags yet, just visit Pressto and breathe new life into your prized possessions.

Pressto has more than 40 stores across India and two branches in Namma Bengaluru (Indra Nagar and Koramangala). These centres not only offer cobbler services but also an efficient dry cleaning service.

How Much Did It Cost?

₹500 - ₹1,000