A View Of The City Skyline, Craft Cocktails, Delish Food: Copitas Has It All!


    What Makes This Awesome?

    Celebrate this season of festivities with friends and family at Copitas, a destination bar on the 21st floor of Four Seasons hotel. Copitas, means cocktail in Spanish and if you’re looking for a place to add some cheer to the end of this year, then a delicious drink at this spot is a great start! Round up your friends, make that long-standing reunion happen, dress up in your best and enjoy an evening out.

    We’ve got to say, everything about Copitas screams chic. With luxurious and sophisticated black and gold interiors, artisanal craft cocktails, delectable food and a view overlooking the Bangalore skyline, this is the perfect place to unwind. We’re convinced, what makes Copitas extra special is their easy sense of style and their ability to transform your visit into an unforgettable experience. That’s not all, Copitas deserves extra points for sustainable bartending. If you’re wondering what that is, it basically means ensuring ingredients are treated with care, with minimal waste.

    Open from Thursday to Sunday, 5 PM till midnight, Copitas is the ideal place for a sundowner and to blow your mid-week blues away. Take our word for it and try out their signature cocktails like Ibiza, Crazy Rich Negroni, Tepache and more, while you indulge in some delicious Chicken Karaage, Tangi Pork, Kinoko Maki from their various options. And if you’re confused over what to choose because everything seems like a must-have, then the mixologists at Copitas are a godsend. They’ll help you choose just right, so go on and ask for recommendations. So, pick up the phone, call your friends, set aside that outfit you’ve been wanting to wear, and block an evening to experience a night out you’ll relish!


    Make a reservation on call with Copitas, so you can choose the perfect set-up with your preferred view of Bangalore, for you and your friends. Or call them for more details on +91 96064 87958.