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Get Columbian Coffee Blends Or An All Out Chikmagalur One From This Coffee Brand

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Coffee First

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What Makes It Awesome

Love your coffee just like you love yourself? Strong, consistent and wonderful? Well, then you best order coffee beans from Coffee First, a Bangalore-based brand that currently has two blends. Svara is the Indian blend that is a smooth, and balanced flavour of this notes of cocoa and toasted nuts. I find it mildly sweet too, and usually have it without any milk at all. It's also great as a pick me up, without being overpowering. Armonia, the Columbian blend is their second one, and I absolutely love it. While I am not an expert on coffee, the copious amount I drink, make this one a top favourite. Apart from being strong, and giving me a solid hit of caffeine, it's got a lovely after taste of berries - cherries and passion fruit, the barista adds. With beans actually from Colombia and Chikmagalur, the Armonia really stands out for me.

I'd drink this one on the weekends, as I enjoy a large cup of it, while the Svara is what I'd pick for all day, every day! They give options of how you want it ground, based on your taste, and the machine you have. There's just roasted beans if you like to grind them at home or pick from the French press, Aero press, South Indian filter coffee, pour-over, Moka Pot, and cold brew too! I have tried the French Press, South Indian filter coffee, as the cold brew, and I'll have more of it any time I am offered!