Oldie But A Goldie: Grab Your Morning Cuppa At This Iconic Food Truck On Avenue Road

    Nagarathpete, Bangalore


    Parked right at the start of Avenue Road, the Coffee Board Truck doles out piping, hot cups of kaapi every morning. And is a favourite with old-time Bangaloreans.

    Cup Of Joy

    Before food trucks were even a thing there was the Coffee Board Truck. Started by former employees of the Coffee Board, the truck, it is said, began operations sometime after 1997. And now draws in large crowds everyday. At the crack of dawn, the old-school, coffee truck parks itself behind the Anjaneya Temple and the team gets to work.

    Open till about 10 every morning, the truck’s speciality is freshly-brewed coffee. They do not serve anything else. For 10 bucks a pop, you can get a white-ceramic cup filled up with strong coffee {we loved that it had a slight bitterness to it}. And if you are a regular here, you can even customise the coffee to your taste — more milk, more decoction or, even, no sugar. In between sips, you can people gaze and you’ll spot crowds {of mostly men} gossiping or browsing through newspapers while enjoying the hot brew.

    Breakfast Tales

    The presence of the truck has borne an entire food ecosystem. Before the pete’s shops open and business gets hectic, you’ll spot street carts selling everything from idlis to fresh-off-the-pan dosas. And they are all pocket-friendly too. Between the coffee truck and the food carts, you can wolf down a hearty breakfast for less than 50 bucks!

      Nagarathpete, Bangalore