Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice is set for release next Friday, and it’s certainly creating a big buzz. But for those die-hard fans, comic books no matter how cool on the big screen, will always be better on paper. So whether you’re chasing Superman and Spidey or Max Payne and Morpheus, or tripping on desi heroes or heroines, here’s where you can stock up on your share of new and pre-loved illustrated books.

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The Entertainment Store

The Bookworm

From the good old war and love {who remembers the romantic Star comics?} comics in black and white to Archies Double Digest before the series killed off the main character, you’ll find old-school stuff here. There’s also Tintin and Asterix, all second-hand, so you can finally buy those expensive ones! Marvel and DC comics – mostly Batman, Spider-Man and Superman, are also on offer. Want graphic novels? Well, look no further. From Sin City to Watchmen, they’ve got it. We love that Amar Chitra Katha, Chacha Chaudhary and Tinkle too sell like hotcakes, here.

Where: 80/1, Shrungar Complex, MG Road, Near Deccan Herald and 32, Basement, behind New Trendz Shoes, Brigade Road

When: 10am-9pm

Contact: +91 9845076757

Price: INR 100 upwards


blossoms book house on churchstreet has comic books

Source: Camilia/Wikipedia

If you want to lay your hands on the most eclectic collection of graphic novels to be found in this city, it has to be at Blossom. An entire section section here is dedicated to graphic novels with the works of comic giants such as Allen Moore {From Hell, Lost Girls}, Joe Sacco {Footnotes from Gaza, Journalism}, Art Speigelman {Maus, Barefoot Gen}, Marjane Satrapi {Persepolis, Embroideries} and more. We have also spotted slightly lesser known but equally interesting comic books such as The Hotel At The End Of The World By Parismita Singh and Kabul Disco by Nicholas Wild here.

Where: 84/6, Church Street

When: 10.45am-9pm

Contact: 080 25320400, 25559733

Check out their website here.

Gangarams Book Bureau

gangarams book bureau has comic books on church street

Photo by: Devika Raman

Spanking new versions of Archies, illustrated fairy tales, new age ones like Toy Story, Cars and Doraemon {manga} are on the shelves here. Of course, Tintin and Asterix collectors’ versions too, if you’re willing to shell out. Graphic novels, both Indian and international are on the shelves too. Our favourite though, is the collection of cartoons by RK Laxman or and the graphic novel of based on the iconic film Sholay. And, naturally, Calvin and Hobbes.

Where: 3rd floor, 3, Church Street

When: 10am-8pm

Contact: 080 25127888, 080 25323289

Price: INR 100 upwards

The Entertainment Store

Expect to come out of this store with a pile of comic books. War, thriller, Manga, mythology, superhero or even non-fiction, the place is a real treasure trove for geeks. Superhero books dominate here, and not just the mainstream ones. Justice League, Wonder Woman, SHIELD, Green Lantern and Thor across time find pride of place alongside the most beautiful hardbacks of Spawn, The Savage Dragon and Ed The Happy Clown. Sex, Mass Effect and even The Simpsons can be bought here too. If you are a Stan Lee fan, buy the Just Imagine Stan Lee Creating the DC Universe Omnibus Hardcover – an absolute collectors piece.

Where: 47, Prestige Eureka, Church Street, opposite Hotel Empire

When: 11am-8.30pm

Contact: 080 41140592

Price: INR 120 upwards

Find them on Facebook here.

Check out their website here.


goobe's on churchstreet has comic books

Source: Goobe’s

Looking for some Manga? Or perhaps some foreign language comic book which isn’t even online? Never fear, Goobe is here! Cult favourites graphic novels – Max Payne, Watchmen, Sin City and Scott Pilgrim, are here for the taking. As is the Cyanide and Happiness collection or George Mathen’s Moonward. Plus, comics like Archies, Tintin, DC, Marvel and plenty of Manga and illustrated works for kids.

Where: 11, Church Street

When: 9am-10.30pm

Price: INR 50 upwards {approx.}

Find them on Facebook here.

Check out their website here.


sapna book house has comic books

Source: Sapna Book House

From Godzilla Awakening and Secret of the Sphinx by Geronimo Stilton to Thunderbirds and Ben 10 {gulp}, India’s biggest bookstore {or so they say} has it all. Go mainstream with DC and Marvel superhero comics or opt for good old laughs from Archie and the gang. This is the place to stock up on graphic novels. Think Frankenstein, Silver Fin, Hobbit, Eagle Strike and even the Art of War. Fairytales, folklore, and illustrated fiction too find home here. Also, this is possibly the best place to stock up on Amar Chitra Katha, old and new.

Find a Sapna Book House near you here.

When: 10.30am-8.30pm

Price: INR 100 upwards

Find them on Facebook here.

Check out their website here to shop online.


Never mind the Calvin and Hobbes, Tintins, Archies, DC and Marvel comics of the world, which by the way, are readily available here. At Landmark, focus of the quirky graphic novels, like Introducing Nietzsche {the German philosopher}, The Alchemist, and even an illustrated introduction to the Bard. Sin City, Dr. Seuss and the range of The Fables series can be found here as well.

Find your nearest Landmark here.

Price: INR 200 upwards

Find them on Facebook here.

Check out their website here.

Oxford Bookstores

Not the best in terms of choice, but not a bad option for the usual suspects, expect Tintin, kiddy illustrated works and a smattering of graphic novels from time to time. Apart from that, there’s the odd Batman and Superman book, but not extensive or timely.

Find your nearest Oxford Bookstore here.

Price: INR 200 upwards

Find them on Facebook here.

Check out their website here.

Featured image by: Wes C