Get Healthy & Order From This Online Market That Sells Organic Produce

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    What Makes It Awesome

    With folks becoming all about locally sourced veggies and fruits, Community Farm was born out of demand. Get free home delivery for vegetables and fruits directly sent by the farmer. Greens like curry, mint, spinach and kale leaves, grams include toor dal, urad dal, Bengal gram and chana dal are available and at affordable prices (starting at INR 40). Organic almonds, watermelon seeds, raisins and flax seeds for your post-workout snacks can be purchased here.

    Apart from veggies and fruits, you can choose from a variety of pickles, honey, sugar, jaggery and eggs (brown eggs and country duck eggs). Season fruits like mangoes and avocadoes are available by the kilo. Even products like granola and kombucha are available. Since the website is all about organic products, expect pesticide-free veggies and fruits. With the option to order between Monday and Friday, subscribe to have your groceries delivered to you every Saturday.


    Community Farm organises farmers markets regularly in most areas of the city so check to know where and when it happens in your locality.

      Available Online