Sweet Tooth? Satiate Your Dessert Cravings At This Adorable Cafe In Ashok Nagar

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What Makes It Awesome?

Happy Belly Bakes: One particular thing that makes this place awesome is Salter Caramel Hot Chocolate. After 10 years of spreading their yummy-licious cakes and pastries, they are now in for some new things towards a healthier lifestyle as well like the following:
1)Keto Brownies
2)Bowls that are made of Quinoa (For VEGANS)

On the brighter side for your cheat days, Hot chocolate with 2 new flavours you will fall in love with.
1)Salted Caramel Hot chocolate (my fav): This is not made of milk as its made in any other place its thick in consistency as its cream they use, so now you can imagine how good this is.
2)Ferrero Rocher Hot chocolate

Appetizers: Try the Peri Peri Paneer Toastie it's so soft also the topping on this piece of bread will not be too spicy or bland just perfect to melt in your mouth

Desserts these are the must-try as per what I loved,
1)Ferrero Rocher Crunch Cake: A crunchy base with the creamy and drool-worthy creamy layer made of Ferrero Rocher
2)Baked Toffee Cheesecake: If you love cheesecake you will come back here for more if you haven't tried it yet you will start loving the cheesecake that just melts away as you take a bite in

How Much Did It Cost?

₹500 - ₹1,000

Best To Go With?

Family, Kids, Bae.