Get The Bean To Cup Coffee Experience With Plantation Tours In Coorg

Aakanksha posted on 01 September

Ten-Second Takeaway

Heading to Coorg is always a great idea. Whether you’re there for the outdoor activities from rafting to trekking, or just want to soak up the cooler air with that hint of pepper and coffee in it, it never disappoints. But with artisan beans, crafted coffee and the hipster world making us more aware of all things coffee, plantation trails are clearly the next big thing! And here’s where we think you should go for that caffeine kick.

Tata Plantation Trails

If you want to get into the nitty gritties of your morning cuppa, the Tata Plantation Trail properties are just for you. If you head to Coorg between April and November, you’ll get to pick Arabica bean, and Robusta if you go between December and March. You’ll be taken in a 4×4 vehicle, exploring the terrain, stopping to check on the kind of soil, the moisture, the plant itself and of course, picking what is ready. You’ll even be taken through a tasting process of the different kinds of coffee, and get tips on how to brew the perfect cuppa. 

While they have many properties, we’ve tried and tested the Thaneerhulla heritage home. Check it out here.


Pollibetta Main Road, Coorg, Pollibetta, Karnataka

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The Tamara

Not very hands on, this tour is mostly about understanding the environment that coffee is grown in. Meander through the estate gardens take in the coffee, pepper and cardamom aroma, while your tour guide with describe the process of planting, plucking, roasting, and then eventually drying, roasting and grinding the coffee. This one even takes you through their organic garden en route.

Check them out here.



Kabbinakad Estate, Napoklu Nad, Yavakapadi Village, Distt. Coorg, Karnataka

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Misty Woods Resort

A little hideaway in Coorg, near Kakkabe, if you can draw yourself away from the infinity pool and the charming cottages, this tour is worth it. Why? Because it’s personalised. Be it on foot,  an off-road vehicle, an ATV or a bicycle {if you dare}, you can navigate the plantation, learn about coffee, spices, how temperature and rain will affect the coffee flavours, and then you can scale the peak of Coorg’s highest peak Thadiyante Mol.

Find out more about this hidden gem here.


Kakkabe, Distt. Coorg, Yavakapadi, Karnataka

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Old Kent Estates

Set on a 200-acre plantation, you’ll get the real heritage feel of days of yore here. In fact, ditch your city life, and jump into the shoes of a planter. From inspecting the schedule of the plantation workers pruning the bushes to the right height, picking berries, or heading off to the pulper, to understand the working of the processes. All under the watchful eyes of the estate manager.

Check out more about this place here.


Thaikappa Estate, Horoor Post, Suntikoppa, Distt. Coorg, Karnataka

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Coorg Express

An eco-travel portal that will hook you up with cool homestays, activities, adventure sports and plantation tours, you can pick from several version of trails to follow. Currently, they have a 3-hour tour which includes a session of how a coffee plant grows, favourable conditions, how to pick the right beans, and then off to the planter’s home for a tasting and sampling session.

Find out more about them here.