Coffee In Beer Mugs Or Non-Alcoholic LLIITs: Bangalore Fave Pubs Haven't Given Up Yet!

Sreepathy posted on 02 July


Alcohol’s not on the menu, but your favourite pubs are still open for business. And here’s how they are coping up with the #AlchoholBan.

Dry Day Still A Fun Day

Some days, it’s good to sip on mocktails and non-alcoholic beverages, and today and rest of the days ahead seem like one of those days. Because, Saturday, July 1 was a sad day for the pub-hopping populace of Bangalore. For the day marks the tragic event when their favourite watering holes around the city ran dry. Yes, following the Supreme Court’s ruling banning the sale of alcohol within a 500-metre distance of National Highways, some of the city’s iconic watering holes have had to shut down their bars. But they haven’t shut shop entirely. They are still dishing out their ever-popular pub grub with a range of refreshing mocktails and iced teas. Some of our favourite bars have sort of thought out of the box to keep you guys entertained. Some have extended their mocktail menu while others are using beer mugs to serve other drinks.

Raising The Bar

For starters, the iconic Pecos, forever known for cheap booze and good music, will be serving more of the latter along with coffee in beer mugs. Well, if not alcohol, it’ll be caffeine that’ll be getting you high for now. Popular haunts such as The Permit Room {TPR} and Church Street Social have extended their mocktail menus, both the outlets is a creative way of their own. Social has even got a new menu out just for these drinks as well. They have non-alcoholic Longest Long Island Iced Teas and Margaritas along with signature and quirky drinks such as The Lantern which is a smoked orange marmalade-based drink and the Benarasi Patiala, a combination of fresh sugarcane juice, ginger, mint, and salt.

While you’ll miss TPR’s cocktails {come on, how can you deal with life without Paati’s Magic Rassam?}, their extended range of mocktails are enough to get you back there. And they’re got two words to entice you further — Silk Smitha. A cool mocktail that blends taro with coconut jelly and ice, it’s refreshing and light. Or try the Cucu-Apple-Doo that’s cucumber, apple syrup and juice topped up with soda. Yup, there is a whole different world beyond whiskey, vodka and rum, y’all!

Watch this space for more!