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    What Makes It Awesome?

    The experience is just like having home food at a relatives house. The discussion with fellow foodies, whom we met for the first time is memorable too.

    The hostess had prepared quite an exhaustive menu (almost single-handedly with a little help from her husband, in terms of chopping, etc).

    She had prepared- Chenna Panna (this was something totally new to me, apparently this is a favorite supplement in Odissa when people are fasting) it's a milk-based drink with grated coconut, banana, and chenna. Let me tell you, it's quite filling & resembled the way Bengalis have (saboo)

    This was followed by the actual lunch - Macha Besara Bhaaja - fish fry with mustard paste.

    Pithau Dia Cantala bhaaja - Contolo fry in rice batter.

    Dalma - dal with vegetables (this is a must try, it's an odia specialty and wholesome).

    Bandhakobi Chingudi Ghanto- cabbage with prawns. I loved this 'Chingri' twist.

    Dahi Baigana - curd with brinjal (it was very mildly spiced with jeera and acted as the perfect palate-cleanser; though we really don't have such concept in the east, I am glad that the hostess thoughtfully prepared & included this.)

    Maansa Jholo- mutton curry (when I entered their premises, the whiff of breeze told me, it's Sunday & it's mutton time; for a wee while, it was time-travel to our growing up years)

    Khiri - rice Kheer (i am glad that I saved my appetite for this, as you are bound to go for a second or third helping of this kheer with lots of almond, cashew & raisin, prepared over a long time and kept overnight to set)

    If you are in the mood for east Indian & Odia cooking in particular - check out authentic look for this lady (tapti patnaik)!

    How Much Did It Cost?

    ₹500 - ₹1,000

    Best To Go With?

    Family, Bae
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