Brekkie and Some Words of Wisdom at Creative Mornings Bengaluru

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A breakfast lecture series for the city’s creative community, Creative Mornings Bengaluru has monthly sessions by speakers on different themes and genres.

The beginning

Started in 2008 by Tina Roth Eisenberg {who runs the popular design studio/blog, swissmiss}, the CreativeMornings series was created as an event for the creative community in New York. Snowballing since then, the idea has spread to 130 cities across the globe. Mostly organised by a volunteer host and team, the event’s format is simple – a sumptuous breakfast followed by an interactive talk session which is based on a chosen global theme. And, the best part? The event is free of charge and open to all. All you need to do is to reserve a spot for yourself by registering on their website.

Bangalore gets creative

The series made its debut in India with the Bangalore chapter {in 2013} and is currently also active in Mumbai. The Bangalore chapter has held 25 breakfast talks so far, including ones by John Devaraj {artist, sculptor, filmmaker and musician}, Niveditha Menon {sociologist}, Ullas Hydoor {architect and graffiti artist} and Naser Al Azzeh {co-founder of  the hip hop group, Black Ice Crew Bangalore}. The chapter, hosted by Canvas Creations {a production company and creative collective}, held its 25th talk this month.

Photographic tales

The 25th talk, with Work as the chosen theme, featured popular city-based wildlife photographer and film maker, Amoghavarsha. We found ourselves seated for the talk in the gallery space at 1 Shanti Road. The healthy breakfast of bread and jam along with assorted accompaniments {think platefuls of diced tomatoes, cucumbers, yellow pepppers, corn kernels and chips with a helping of coffee} gave us a fresh start, and we couldn’t help but feel excited about the session ahead. Starting off with the significance of achieving work-life balance, Amoghavarsha took us through a brief presentation, giving us the highlights of his decade-long career as a wildlife photographer. While the images themselves were enough to leave us spellbound, his narrative style made sure we were absorbed in the interactive session. In short, a Sunday morning well-spent, we say.

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