Cricket Fans, This New Chat Bot Will Keep You Clued Into Every Detail Of The IPL

Rahul posted on 25th April

Ten-Second Takeaway

Perfect for when you’re at a meeting, or travelling or simply don’t have the time to catch a cricket game, this new chatbot called ScoreYo, will keep you on top of the game.

What Is It?

A texting service that’s cleverly called Score Yo, alluding to the numerous times we keep asking ‘What’s the score, yo?’, all you need is Facebook, to keep abreast with scores. Once you start to send the Facebook page a message, you’ll get to customise your feed to suit your needs. Obsessed with the game? They’ll send you ball-by-ball updates. Interested only in the more crucial happenings? No worries, you can reduce the frequency of updates you get. And the best part is, you can pick the teams you want to follow. So, really, all you need to is pick RCB {What? You’re a fan of another team? OK, they have all of them. Chill.} and sit back and enjoy the game.

Who Is It For?

For the cricket lover who needs to know ball-by-ball detail of all the games going on, this news service will be your lifeline when there’s a game on. And it’s even better when you have to keep track of the IPL scores.

How Was My Experience?

I really liked the updated. It’s almost like chatting to a friend who’s watching the game, and sharing live updates. I like that they give you a few extra bits of information each time you pick a game or team, too. For instance, they’ll tell you the results of the past few games. Plus, you can invite friends to the same chat window and it’ll be like you’re all watching the game together. I’m currently not even in the country but loving that I can easily keep track of the scores.