Want To Stand Out? Stock Up On Outre Jewellery From Cult Curators


Offering statement jewellery from artistes and designers around the world, Cult Curators’ style is eclectic and adventurous with a touch of minimalism.

Wearable Art

We love ourselves some statement jewellery. And so do the good people at Cult Curators. An online store with the belief of finding new approaches to design, material or concept, they bring artistes from across the globe under one roof. So naturally, the designs are eclectic and explore different media to create trendy yet timeless baubles. While some styles look like beautiful brush strokes {check out the Flow Necklace, Paradise Necklace, The Mesh Collar and The M Stripe Earrings} others look other-worldly {Composition Post Earrings, Super Nova Earrings, Bern Bracelet and Leva Wrist Piece} in their abstract form.

Started by Anchal Rathee and Sanjana Bhuwalka, most of the pieces are like pieces of art, whether made of metal, fabric, 3D printed, mesh or even rubber. We’re loving the deliberate intent for the creations to look unique. From geometric designs to a combination of contrasting materials, their jewellery can lift even the simplest ensemble.

Look Out!

They also have silk bracelets like no other – think pops of colour and varied texture. And when it comes to neck pieces, you’ll be spoiled for choice. So don’t settle for the first one you see; you’ll be buying the whole website then. Take the time, like us, to go through it all. A thorough inspection of Emma Ware’s collection is recommended. The futuristic designs might just get you whipping your credit card out sooner than expected?


They have gift cards and for once they are justified. We’d love for you to send us a few for the service of introducing you to this brand, in fact!

Check out their website here to shop online.

Price: INR 2,000 upwards

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