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Learn To Bake Insta-Worthy Desserts Or Simply Pick Up Some From This Studio

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Baking lessons, workshops or just to pick up baked goodies, Cupcake Nation in Koramangala is our new fav place for a sugar high.

What Makes It Awesome

Whether you're an aspiring baker or you just enjoy scrolling through photos of cakes, tarts and other goodies every day, Cupcake Nation by Athashri Halale will be right up your alley. The Koramangala studio is both a workshop space as well as a commercial kitchen, where you can pick up desserts on the go. Plus, Athashri conducts online classes, so if your best cooking skill is your ability to boil water, she might just help you move out of that phase and come closer to being a Masterchef (of sorts).

If you're heading to the studio to pick up desserts, make sure to check their social media handles beforehand. Athashri curates a new menu every day (each recipe is designed by her) depending on what she finds in the market, so you might get cherry chocolate cupcakes one day, and a fancy peach crumble, another. Either way, it's worth a trip! While they specialise in eggless, vegan and gluten-free desserts, we'd recommend anything with Athashri's signature buttercream frosting on it. Her recipe calls for half the amount of sugar generally required, so it doesn't taste overly sweet. Plus, the texture is light and airy, a perfect addition to any dessert! What's more, the frosting manages to retain its form even at room temperature.

In case you'd like to sign up for any of Athashri's workshops, check out Cupcake Nation's website - they have a few free resources you can browse through to see if you like them. If you do, then they have tons of other video lessons you can sign up for. For live demos, reach out to them on Facebook or Instagram, and they will let you know when the next workshop will take place.


Cupcake Nation has an active community presence on Facebook, so if you'd like to share your baking adventures with others, this is the perfect platform.