Regal Drapes Or Themed Curtains, This Store Off Comm Street Will Spoil You For Choice

    Shivaji Nagar, Bangalore

    What Makes It Awesome

    For dramatic drapes, functional curtains, or even ceiling to floor ones to add a regal touch to your home, Curtain World will sort you out and they’ll possibly spoil you for choice. Or in my case, confuse you with the myriad options. With all sorts of fabric, colours, patterns and even designs, they really mean business.

    The store specialises in ready-made curtains so you can just go and pick the size you need. Be it floral, solid colours or some really jazzy geometric prints, they’ve got it all. We like they have options for eyelets, pleats, plain or those intricate rod pocket ones for those who want a formal set up. If you’re not too enamoured by their existing stuff, they even do customised curtains and drapes. So go right ahead and pick from the fabric showcases that line the entire store. Looking for cool and quirky? They’ve got plenty of abstracts, funky prints and even colours you didn’t know existed. But those looking to really keep the light out, heavy fabric like silk, blends and even velvet is on offer.

    I’d originally picked a three-colour panel scheme to go with the yellows of my bedroom, and one streak of blue to show loyalty to my favourite football team, Chelsea. But I quickly changed tactics of purchase when I discovered their kiddy section. And when you see the under water, night sky, Disney, rainbow and butterfly themed options, you’ll probably do the same. I picked the bright and colourful underwater theme (with cute octopuses, star fish, sea weed and the works) as my niece loves ‘fishy’. Not only did they make it just to size, they even made it overnight when they heard the two-year-old (and her aunt) were very excited by it! They usually take five days to make it to size, but depending on the fabric and style, they could take longer.


    They also stock bed linen, floor mats, sofa throws and cushion covers.

      Shivaji Nagar, Bangalore