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Customise Your Hair And Skincare Products From This Brand’s Natural Collection

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    What Makes It Awesome

    While daily soaps on television can get beyond cringy and unbearable, here are some daily soaps that are tailor made for you, that are actually good for your skin! Glovic is a brand great for skincare and beauty products based on skin type and preference. Started by Archana Ramana, Glovic prides itself in selling products that are devoid of sulphates, parabens and are made only out of natural fruit extracts and locally sourced cold pressed oils, making them super friendly to the skin and hair.

    Rich in lactic acid and made without any water, Glovic’s bestseller is the goat milk soap that will make your skin glow because its pH content is similar to that of our skin’s. They also sell moisturising butters, herbal soaps, body and hair oils using nutrient-rich ingredients such as charcoal, almond oil, jojoba oil, shea and castor butter. If you have hair care woes, you need to try out their shampoos, conditioners and hair serums that are made according to Ayurveda.

    Their famous goat milk soaps are sold at INR 400 per bar whereas other soaps are pegged at INR 200 per bar. 50g of their body creams are sold at INR 800 and their serums, elixirs are sold at anywhere between INR 650- INR 700. Glovic’s products are on the higher end due to the natural sourcing of their ingredients and they ship pan-India via courier and speed post. You can place your orders through their Instagram handle.

    We would even suggest their facial massage oil made with Kumkumadi Oil that does the skin a great deal by providing relaxation and nourishment to it. 


    Shipping is free beyond purchases of INR 2,000.  

      Available Online