Get Your Perfect Pair Of Jeans That's Made To Fit At This Pop-Up Shop In Koramangala

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    If you live in jeans all day every day, head to Korra Jeans pop-up shop in Blue Tokai, Koramangala to get your hands on a perfectly crafted pair of jeans that is made by a single tailor just for you. 

    What Makes It Awesome

    Homegrown label Korra Jeans is known for their made-to-fit denim jeans that are crafted from natural and recycled materials in natural indigo selvedge denim. And by a single tailor. Oh yes, your perfect pair is tailored by just one person for that truly handcrafted finish. The homegrown label is after all about skipping the mass production methods and adopting sustainable practices to their entire manufacturing process. Which is why you will find wallets that are made from leftover denim. There are notebooks with denim covers too!

    Lest we digress, Korra offers jeans for both men and women in styles that include slim taper and slim straight for men and skirt and skinny for women. At the store, you can pick up off the rack sizes that will fit you comfortably should you follow regular sizes, but for that really perfect pair, there's always the customised option. The process includes getting yourself measured, picking up your fabric and colour, and in seven days you will get your hands of the perfect pair. You can also pick up jackets at the store too. 


    There's no end date to the pop-up as of now, so walk in any day for consultation and pick up your pair. 

      Available Online