New BEL Road's Asian Joint Let's You Customise Your Meals And We Are Tso Loving It

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No, they do not have General Tso’s Chicken curry, but hey, they do let you go mad with the Schezwan sauce to such an extent that Rick {of Rick & Morty} will probably travel to this universe. Rick {and others who are reading this}, say hello to Kaifu.

Time To Get Customising

It’s all about having the meal just the way you want — extremely spicy in our case. And the folks at Kaifu understand our love for anything customised with their bespoke menu for starters, main course and meals in a bowl. This also works well for all you corporates working in and around the New BEL Road. If you are thinking of making this a routine spot for express lunch scenes, then you will love the quaint and pretty look this place has as well. They have this table for four with sofa chairs that you probably won’t end up leaving after your meal.

The way the customisation works is really simple. Whether you are picking starters {which are dry by the way}, main course gravy, or our favourite, meal in a bowl, you have eight base sauces to choose from. Schezwan, black pepper, Malay, burnt ginger, Hoisin, Manchurian, sweet chilly and Dragon are your sauces and it can be paired with veggies such as tofu, lotus stem, baby corn, potatoes, mushroom and vegetarian balls or chicken, chicken balls, fish, and prawns.

Meal In A Bowl

Plenty of permutation and combinations for you to try out five days a week, we say. Since we love Schezwan sauce, our combo would be anything excluding mushroom and prawns {allergies} with an insane amount of Schezwan sauce. But we don’t mind the occasional sweet chilli and chicken combo or black pepper and lotus stem combo either.

In case you are not opting for the main course gravy menu, which you can pair with either rice or noodles {thin or flat}, then it’s the meal in a bowl that you need to try. Same sauces, same veggies and meat, except this time all of them can get either a rice or noodle addition. Perfect for those quick lunches, our pick would be Steamed Noodles with chicken and baby corn {you need to pay for extra veggies} in a sweet chilli sauce. Khao Suey, soup, momos, sizzlers and selection of starters complete rest of the menu.

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