Revisit Your Childhood Birthdays With This Baker’s Themed Cakes

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What Makes It Awesome

You know those cakes in the birthday parties that had themed toys and other decoratives on them? I, for one, loved power rangers and made sure I got the red power ranger cake slice on my birthday. We loved those days as kiddos when getting the right cake slices was our only problem, didn’t we? Well, here’s what you can do to recreate those days even if you cannot revisit them. Get themed cakes from Chocolate Bites, run by Reena Burman, a chocolatier, cake artist, baker. 

The brand is known for its themed cakes for birthday parties, anniversaries or just for any occasion. Reena makes good use of those fancy toys that go into making your cake a piece of art. What’s better? These toys or decoratives are edible made from sugar/cream and hella tasty. Pinata Cakes, Rainbow cakes or the usual double/triple decker cakes for a grand affair, the brand does it all with decorations and ornamentations of your choice. You can have the base cakes in moist vanilla, chocolate or any other flavour based on availability and have it all jazzed as though the cake is headed for its own prom. Their icing is done by hand so you know Reena leaves no stone unturned in making your cake a special one. 

The brand entertains customisations, right from the base cake to the theme, toys, edibles, decoratives and icing. To know the sizes, pricing and other related information, hurry up and get in touch with the brand through LBB’s Enquire Now feature!