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Say Aloe To Your Little Friends: Shop DIY Terrariums & Desk Plants At Vida Verde

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What Makes It Awesome

We know that not every metro-living human has the space, time, dedication or even the plant persona to keep a mini jungle at home thriving. This doesn't mean you deprive your life of green cheer because terrariums and table top planters exist for this very reason -- to rid you of gloom and substandard oxygen! Only now these low maintenance, space-saving and mood-improving (ding, ding, ding!) little creatures are also super duper cute, thanks to Vida Verde.

This online brand from Hyderabad manufactures their signature DIY Terrariums Kits so you can build a self sustaining ecosystem of your own. Such a fun activity! You could also assemble to hand over as a gift! Remember when we said cute? This is because Relaxing Pandas, Tinkerbell, Happy Pigs or an Elderly Couple with their lil' doggo can happily nest in a round glass or polygon terrarium among pincushion cactus, aloes or succulents indoors. Preferably on your work desk or anywhere else but make sure these are in line of vision!

If you prefer a bunch of potted plants dotted all over, Vida Verde has many, many options for that too, each prettier than the other. These come with plants that don't necessarily need direct sunlight or very little to no water. We love, love the Resting Girl and the Succulent in a Yoga Planter pots. The more generic ceramics come in different colours and textured patterns. 

Ready to get yourself some non-demanding green or two? The pots start at INR 499 while are in the INR 1,599 range.


Vida Verde also has solutions for your gardening needs, selling cocopeat, potting mix, vermicompost and more. Click on Enquire Now to chat with the brand and place orders online.