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Daily Dump: Quick Solutions to Garbage Disposal Right At Home

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The Scoop

Founded by Poonam Bir Kasturi {an industrial designer}, Daily Dump deals mainly with their flagship terracotta pots – to dump your daily wet waste into, and convert it into organic, high quality manure.

The Store

Located in Indiranagar, Daily Dump’s offices are located in a large, spacious compound, where they have different models of pots available for display and demos. They also have a cute store that sells organic seeds, garden tools, composting powder, cloth bags, and more. It has an earthy look and feel. The founder is mostly always present at the store and will happily have a chat with you.

What We Love

The number of options; you get to pick according to usage, quantity of waste generated, and space available. Their flagship product is the Khamba {or stack composter}, which is a set of three terracotta pots that sit one on top of the other. They also have specialised composters for specific purposes {for instance, to compost dry leaves from your garden}. The well-informed staff are helpful and take the time to explain the ecological benefits of their products.

Who Is It For

It’s for anyone who would like to help tackle the city’s garbage crisis by starting segregation and composting at source. The pots from Daily Dump are designed beautifully, come in different colour variants, are modular and don’t take up much space at home and most importantly, do not emit a foul smell of any sort. All it takes is a little extra care and effort in managing your garbage and with time…Voila! The compost is ready to be used in your garden or for that matter, even sold to others who need it!


While they do have an online store, if you are a first-time user, it is better to go there physically to check out the various options. Do collect the printed user manual – a complete guide to your composting journey. It is also advisable to take your own car along when you decide to purchase the pots – it can be quite cumbersome to carry it on a bike or on public transport, as some variants are large and heavy.