We Found A Budget-Friendly Paradise Called Dalethorpe In Kodaikanal


    Dalethorpe takes you back to the world of Enid Blyton with an English bungalow, rolling lawns and pine groves; all a stone’s throw from the heart of Kodaikanal.

    Finding Paradise

    Oh Kodaikanal! How beautiful but under-appreciated you are! But we’ll just blame that on Ooty for now. If you’re one of those who always picks Ooty, because it’s closer, don’t! The brilliant national highway makes sure Kodai takes only an hour longer. So, get planning now, and might we suggest a stay at Dalethorpe!

    Nestled amidst pine groves, eucalyptus trees and rocks enveloped by soft green moss, Dalethopre is that paradise in the forest. The scenic area might give you an impression of the Enchanted Forest, because that’s pretty much what it is. Typically English, this countryside home is built of solid stone with homely red tiles adding a hint of colour. Two cottages and a chequered glass hall make up the main house – the heritage one. The extension, no less authentic looking, houses two deluxe rooms and two standard ones. All these rooms sport wooden or carpeted flooring to add to the warmth and English charm. If you can swing the room with a fire place, it’ll be all the more romantic. Especially in the cold winters.

    In The Countryside

    But what seals the deal for me, is the heritage cottage a short way off, hidden behind a little hillock.  Ideal for honeymooners or any loved up couple {neither of which Mum and I were!}, the single room cottage, in all its rustic glory, is ideal for privacy and to really zone out. Tastefully done up with floor curtains, simple floral linen to match the stone walls, it even has a cosy lounge area. With pear trees, a mini lawn and a quaint bench outside, it’s truly picture perfect.

    If you choose to stay on the grounds, simple home food awaits, but we recommend you head out for a walk by the lake. Since it’s brimming with eateries and snack carts, you best make the most of the crisp cool air and the lovely vista, no? When you’re back, there might be a bonfire awaiting. All you need is a sheesha to make it perfect. Oh, hang on! This little place will hook you up with hookah too! Pretty neat, huh?


    Do keep your windows in the room open for a good chunk of the day as it can get musty, especially during the monsoon and deep winters.