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Zumba Your Way To Fitness At This Shanti Nagar Studio

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Want to get in shape but tired of the gym, and just running on a track? Fear not! This Shanthi Nagar dance studio will solve your problems. Say hello to Dance With Pri where you can learn get fit with Zumba sessions. Or even an additional belly dancing class, if you like. 

Bye Bye Gym

Be it the traditional belly dancing, Zumba or even aqua Zumba, these classes are legit energising. You won’t even realise you’re workout so strenuously. The classes are open to ladies only {sorry gentlemen}, so if you’re looking for something other than boring ol’ gym, then why not head over here and get fit the fun way. This is really great for people who can’t keep the motivation level up. Group workouts are known to keep people more motivated, so go on, join the gang.  

Dance With Me

Who can say no to fun and workout at the same time? The studio promises you a party as you work on your fitness. Plus, guys, come on aqua Zumba is a win-win any day right? Perfect to cool off in this merciless heat. Also, if you’re facing any problems such as back pain and knee problems, this workout is good for you since it’s easy on the muscles and joints. 

Work It

Currently, you can pick from regular Zumba session, aqua Zumba that works on all your muscles but with less pressure on the joints, and Zumba toning. We really like the toning sessions because you can really focus on muscle groups — using toning stick, catch those specific zones like arms, legs or core. Zumba not your cup of tea but Bollywood dancing your thing? They’ve got that too. Plus, sensual belly dancing  and even hip-hop to drop some sexy moves at the night club this weekend.

Oh, and they even have select workouts are available for children too.