Get Trigger Happy And Travel This Summer With Darter's Photography Workshops



    Whether you want to learn how to capture the glaciers of Zanskar in the Himalayas or shoot the majestic forts and dunes of Rajasthan, Darter Photography possibly has a photography workshop cum trip planned out just for you.

    The world through your lens

    Darter is your dream come true, if you want to travel and work on your photography skills. Get coached under senior photographers on the A-Z of photography, where they break down the basics, like the type of camera and lense that would suit your genre of interest to the art of taking the perfect picture as well as managing editing. While there are classes at their studio, expect to go on photography walks that will help you practice your skills.  

    Wanderlust Meets Shutter Bug

    Their workshops for this year include travelling to Spiti in search of the grey ghost  {the endangered snow leopard}, to capturing the various hues of plated grub with their food styling workshops. Whether you are a beginner interested in landscape photography, or would like to go on a wildlife shoot, Darter has many programmes catering to your whims and skill-level.