In A Nutshell

Skip legs day at the gym this week and pack your bags for Kolli Hills for a workout with a view. Koli Hills, located in Tamil Nadu, ought to please both nature lovers and fitness fanatics alike. There’s also the Arapaleeswar Temple, Botanical Gardens, Seekuparai View Point and a boathouse on the man-made lake. Best part? You can make it back for work on Monday as it’s only 300 kms from the city.

En route, the hairpin turns leading you upwards means hill-station fog, lush valleys, trees for as far as your eyes can see. So that means at least 20 selfie-worthy spots. It’s worth stopping often for the breath-taking vista. If you’re a photographer, then bring out the professional lens and get clicking.

Don’t Miss This

A stunning view does come at a price. In this case, it’s a {steep!} 1,025 steps descent. It may sound simple but trust us, it’s no easy task! It takes nearly 45 minutes with breaks. But, the real challenge is the two-hour {with breaks} upward climb while leaving. The railings lining the steps are a godsend {Hallelujah!} but this is a test of physical and mental endurance.

Give It A Skip

While the man-made lake is pretty, it’s really not spectacular. They have a few run-down pedal boats to enjoy a ride on the water. But when there’s so much natural beauty to take in, we really think it’s precious time wasted.

On The Bucket List

Photo: Simply CVR

Photo: Simply CVR

Atop Kolli Hills is the famous Agaya Gangai Waterfalls. A 300-feet marvel, it’s a natural wonder of gushing cold water. You can get sprayed from even 200 feet away! For a better look, there’s a path to walk underneath the falls, but keep an eye out — the rocks are sharp and slippery. And, if you’re in the mood for explorations, there are two caves just 3 kms away. Have we appealed to your adventurous side yet?

Stay A Night

There is only a handful of places to stay at here, and you best not expect luxury. Top rated places are the Nallathambi Resort and PA Resort but only stay if you must.


Kolli Hills lacks basic amenities like drinking water, changing rooms and toilets. We recommend carrying your own water for the trek. Also, prepare yourself for a long drive {without stops} while entering and leaving the hills.

Where: Namekkal district, Kolli Hills

Price: INR 10 for entry

Timings: 10am-6.30pm

Feature Photo: Rajeshodayanchal