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This Celeb-Approved Decor Brand Shares Tips To Upgrade Your Blank, Boring Walls

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What can you do with that huge, empty wall in your home? This common interior design conundrum doesn’t have a standard answer. There are countless ways to dress up your blank wall, and the best option depends on the room, how large the empty space is, whether there are windows on the same wall, how much investment you are willing to make, and of course, your personal taste. We spoke to the folks at Vedas Export, a boutique home decor brand based in Ranchi to give us their tips and tricks. And with celebrities like Tapsee Pannu, Eeshaanya Maheswari, Aniruddh Sharma and Mrunal Panchal, all looking to Vedas for decor pieces and more, you can trust the advice 10X! 

Read further for guidance, tips, and inspiration to do up your wall. From fancy wallpaper and floating library to oversized art and faux brick tiles, there’s a good possibility you will stumble upon something that resonates with you. Here are the best wall décor ideas that will certainly add interest, character, and intrigue to your abode. 

A Vintage Mirror For The Entryway Wall

We all know that adding a long and wide mirror on any wall instantly gives an illusion of a bigger space in a room. But besides that, it also enhances light and acts as a great wall accent. A mirror is especially helpful when you have to cover up a huge wall and do not wish to go overboard with other décor items. Use an antiqued mirror with a statement frame or a bunch of small-sized mirrors hung up with gaps. Alternatively, you can create a theme-based wall of metallic artefacts.

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Wall Shelves To Create A Focal Point

Wall décor ideas need not always be decorative, they can be functional as well. No matter what part of the house it is, books can bring the space to life. One captivating way of arranging books is by positioning them on an open metallic shelf of any variant from Vedas; from circular to hexagon and solo or in pair. You can also consider placing a T-lights candle holder beside it to add a little light whenever essential. If there is enough space on the wall shelf, then place a variety of other décor pieces including artefacts, frames, mirrors, and accessories, standing upright. An ideal location for a wall shelf-cum-mini-open library would be in a bedroom, near a balcony or window with natural light.  

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Vertical Gardens For The Anthophile

Indoor plants enhance the space and add a sense of natural charm to any arrangement. Whether you want to opt for a wall-hung pocket planter with trailing vines or wall terrariums that barely require any maintenance, a well-created scheme will not only make for an abundant display but also help purify the air. Importantly, use plants that don’t need much water, so walls can stay clean and stain-free. A tall lamp to light up the space and a multi-color metal vase with a side of animal figurines placed on a tiny table set the tone and grab the attention for all the right reasons. 

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Mix It Up!

If you have too many ideas and décor pieces to put on display but very little space and just a single blank wall, it’s best to mix it up. Items like gold iron fiza wall art, multi-color polo metal wall piece, framed pictures, iron hook wall décor, multi-color iron and glass habika wall mirror, and floating shelves from Vedas’ collection can be suspended to fill an empty space. As an alternative, you can even mount souvenirs from trips or objects of sentimental value to add a personal touch to the arrangement. If you go with the former idea, have a large world map wallpaper fixed on the wall to create a theme. 

All Things Floral

Don’t we often wonder if the walls besides a window of the living room or bedroom should be adorned with décor pieces or left blank for a clear sight? The ideal approach would be to go minimal and yet leverage the flow of light that seeps in through the window. A good idea is to maintain uniformity and play of subtle tones, no matter what the theme is. A combination of Anam leaf wall piece suspended mounted beside a rustic ladder featuring Noor flowers curio showpiece, Abies leaf showpiece, and handcrafted metallic platters can make for a classy, subtle, and versatile arrangement. 

Pro Tip

Decorating your empty walls needn’t be limited to the conventional methods of painting or wallpapering. There are countless creative ways to let your walls do the talking. And remember, when adorning your home, it’s OK to leave a few walls empty. In the interiors industry, it is called “negative space”, which is crucial for striking a balance in your home décor.