Tired Of Trying To Keep Your Plants Alive? Get Plants Made Out Of Clay Instead

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What Makes It Awesome

Shop plants, flowers and miniature food made out of home-made clay with Dees Clay Garden by Subha, a home-based clay artist. If you have a hard time taking care of natural plants, or keeping them alive, worry not! Dees Clay Garden makes flowers and plants out of clay that almost look real. Started by Subha, a clay artist, you can find roses, tulips, hibiscus, and daffodils among others. Whatever the flower or plant you need in the colour of your choice, she will make it for you. Instead of just one type of flower, you can mix and match different flowers in various colour combinations and get a floral arrangement made out of clay.

Find a range of floral arrangements of exotic flowers such as Dendrobium Orchid, Vanda Orchid and Water Lily with Dees Clay Garden. She can customise pieces according to your requirement or you can also shop from a range of pre-made ones. The clay that is used to make these flowers is made at home with cornflour. Apart from plants and flowers, she also creates miniature models of food such as dosa, idli, vegetables, chicken and fish among others that can be used as fridge magnets. You can also get a nameplate made out of clay. The prices range between INR 400 and INR 2,500 for life-size clay models. She also conducts both online and offline workshops on clay flower making.

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