Always Make The Best Coffee With This Nifty Press

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What Makes It Awesome

When Baba Budan smuggled in coffee beans into India back in the 16th century, he probably didn’t realise that he was changing the course of the country’s (and world’s) consumption patterns forever. The burgeoning coffee culture in India has introduced many innovative, nuanced, and efficient ways to get the best out of your caffeine fix. 

DelterPress is a brand that makes, for now, Delter Presses to get smooth coffee by eliminating what is known as agitation (due to which there’s uneven extraction of flavour from coffee grounds) in the process. By keeping the grounds separate from the brew water through their innovative Jet Seal - the brewing happens through a completely controlled process. This means that all inconsistencies in brewing are eliminated, and you get a smooth, even, awesome cup of coffee! What we love even more is that this is portable! Yes, carry your coffee grounds (works best for medium to coarse grind size) or beans and grinder, this coffee maker, add hot water and it’s ready. How? Add the coffee to the measuring cup, insert the plunger, pour hot water and plunge For every 28g of coffee, you can use up to 450ml of water per your preference. 

If all of this went over your head, just think of the DelterPress as an advanced version of an Aeropress, for even better coffee. Promise this one will be your best friend when you’re travelling, hiking, or even at home if you brew coffee as a mindfulness activity. 


They also sell paper filters for those of you who want to use that.