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Today! Bangalore's Best Bakers at LBB's Dessert Bazaar!

    Ten-second takeaway

    We promised you the sweetest day of the year, and we're living up to our end of the deal. All you've got to do is show up now!

    Teaser ready

    We promised we’d help you OD on all things sweet this March. And women of our word, here’s the hand-picked and tried-and-tested {yes, we valiantly agreed to pile on the calories} selection of the best of the best from the city who’ll help you get your fix. Now naturally we don’t want this to be a spoiler and reveal the entire menu right away. So we’ll give you a bit of a teaser.

    Sweet symphony

    Patee Sucree, known for tea cakes, expect some dark caramel tarts too from these folks. Over at Marzipan Café’s stall, think Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip cookies, Marzipan Petit Fours, and Greek Orange Blossom Pies. Quite the popular café already, head on straight to Happy Belly Bakes for your share of cookies, cupcakes and macaroons – all with the trademark exotic twist, courtesy Shisham Hinduja, the lead pastry chef and owner. Craving some authentic Tiramisu? And by authentic, we mean local too as Harsimran Kaur will be doling out filter coffee Tiramisu for a solid kick. Want a bit of a high? Don’t think twice before indulging in Flour Bar’s boozy creations. Who can say no to chocolate with whiskey, eh. Oh! And save some room for indulgences from Dolci too. They're purely vegetarian so that's got to be a winner for some.

    Happy jar

    Cake Bucket will mainly have dessert jars. Up for some Oreo versions and Red Velvet sorts? Inner Chef, the latest dessert delivery service, will also be around with their in-house brands which be offering everything from Nutella Cheesecake and Banoffee Pies in a jar to Tender Coconut Pudding and fruit tarts. PO Box No. 9, who is launching at this event {way-oh, welcome young one}, is going all American on us with Snicker Doodles, Cinnamon Rolls and even some to-die-for Buttermilk Biscuits with some Jack Daniels thrown in.

    Also look out for stellar treats from seasoned bakers Minka Gadhok Sikka, the new mum, who will be launching her brand Homemade, meant exclusively for kids, offering bakes that only use natural ingredients, and former Caperberry and Fava pastry chef Anu Nagpal, who now has her own baking enterprise. We hear there'll be Toffee Chocolate Bars and maybe even baklava.

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    Where: Arbor Brewing Company, 8, Magrath Road

    When: Sunday, March 20,noon-6pm

    Price: INR 50 upwards