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These Five New Desserts At Smoor Will Give You A Sugar Rush And An Insta Following

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Whether your sweet tooth craves for some chocolate, pralines, gateaux, or cake, here’s our pick from the new dessert menu that Smoor has launched. And yes, sugar rush is guaranteed.

8 Textures Of Chocolate

We believe this dessert is created for the most insatiable sweet-toothed dessert lover ever. Eight different types of chocolate form this coma-inducing dessert that was also once featured on Masterchef Australia by chef Peter Gilmore. Starting off with the rich and chocolatey pate sucre at the base to all the way to the chocolate microsponge at the top and the use of dark chocolate couverture, this is dessert will leave you feeling high, happy, and blissful.


To put it simply, this dessert is not for the faint-hearted, diabetic, milk-chocolate lovers, and Cadbury’s aficionados. It’s for those who enjoy that strong {really intense} buttery cocoa flavour in their dessert. Made from 70 per cent couverture chocolate, one itsy-bitsy slice half the size of a 9V battery had our sugar levels off the charts. Trust us when we say that this dessert has to be eaten in moderation. And probably under medical supervision.

Rainbow Cake

First, admire it from every angle and lighting possible. Next, for 200+ likes and your friends to hate you, take 300+ picture of this colourful, Instagram-worthy dessert. Finally, dig into this delightful goodness that’s topped off with cream cheese frosting and meringue rocks. Light and flavourful, this cake comes with different coloured layers that depict a rainbow. Oh, and yes, it’s super soft and spongy. A big slice of this is enough to make your day. It made ours.

Melting Apple

What’s a dessert without a bit of theatrics, right? This dessert provides just that. Pour the hot and thick caramelised green apple sauce over the apple cake and watch as the caramelised white chocolate disc crumbles away revealing layers of caramelised apple slices. Okay, there’s a lot of caramelisation going on that makes this a warm, wonderful apple treat. There’s a lot of crunch going on as well with the almond streusel and apple chips on the side. Also, we love the vanilla bean ice cream scoop that’s served with this apple dessert.

Smoked Carrot

For us, carrot in a dessert means gajjar halwa. But Smoor doesn’t do any halwa. But it does make a dessert that maybe even rabbits would like. And it’s called the Smoked Carrot. Spiced carrot cake and carrot micro sponge form the crux of this dessert with the roasted walnuts and carrot chips giving the crunch. The applewood smoke provides a nice aroma to the whole dessert, with the vanilla bean ice cream bringing everything together.