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Popsicles, Cupcakes, Donuts And Whipped Cream: Not Eatables, This Brand’s Soaps

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Soap Affairs

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What Makes It Awesome

If you thought soaps can’t be mouth-watering, think again. Soap Affairs started by Rajvi redefines the use of soap with an overwhelmingly delicious array of soaps. Selling dessert soaps, the brand also sells mini-travel soaps that are perfect for one-time use and won't be wasted. The brand also sells bath bombs which give the perfect winter solace, or good ol’ TLC. All their soaps are natural, handmade, homemade and made out of biodegradable colours. 

This brand’s key focus is on customising their soaps according to the colours you need, the skin type and even the flavours. It’s the way these customisations are incorporated that had us go hmmm. Soaps are available in glycerine and goat milk bases. They use a melt and pour process where the raw slab of soap is infused with ingredients of your choice (butters like shea and mango, goat milk, almond oil) and is then melted with additional colourings and flavours (natural fruit extracts) for the finished product. Their dessert soaps come in the shape of donuts, popsicles, cupcakes and even in whipped cream where the base made of oils and butters have flavour and colours added to them. They also have ubtans for a glowing skin and also anti-acne creams for those boils that don't chill. For when the weather gets dry and cold and when the lips get dry, try their cotton candy lip scrub for those chapped lips. 

The soaps come in sizes of 80-150g and prices start range from INR 175 - INR 400. Soap Affairs delivers pan-India and even accepts bulk orders, all orders can be placed through their social media.