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Rainbow Cakes To Dessert Jars, Your Next Sugar Coma Is On This Home Baker's Hands


    Get your sugar rush delivered straight to you by hitting up home brand Ovenly Yours for their bakes and cakes. From gourmet cheesecakes to warm cinnamon rolls, you don’t wanna miss out on their sweet treats.

    Sweets For My Sweet

    Winning us over one baked treat at a time, Ovenly Yours, a local operation run by home baker Reshma. One look at her Facebook and Instagram feed is sure to have you drooling. From multi-layered rainbows cakes to a bouquet of cupcakes {yes, it’s a literal bouquet of cupcakes} the desserts at Ovenly Yours are almost too pretty to eat. But make sure you do as their stuff tastes just as good as it looks. Craving those old-school Danish butter cookies that you wiped clean in one sitting or warm and gooey cinnamon rolls? These guys do them too.

    Another crowd favourite is the dessert jars that come in a whole variety like Berry Blast complete with layers of vanilla cake topped with strawberries and blueberries, ChocoMunch Crunch with chocolate crumbs and caramel creams and the fruity Kiwi-Lemon Love Jar for those who love a zesty kick in their desserts. Their prices are reasonable with their cupcakes starting at INR 50 a pop and their half-kg cakes are priced between INR 500 to INR 1,500. Order yourself some of this sweet goodness by dropping them a message on their Facebook Page here.

    A Sweet Start

    A passionate cook, Reshma has been making delicious goodies for years for her family and friends who encouraged her to start this business, Now, over a year old, Ovenly Yours has a loyal list of clientele that keeps coming back for more with orders for their goodies apparently. Operating on a made-to-order system, the desserts and cakes here are entirely customisable and are made only after the order is placed. So if you want a three-layered chocolate cake or a heart-shaped batch of cookies, make sure you let Reshma know and she’ll deliver a result you’re sure to be happy with. But make sure you place your order at least 4 to 5 days prior to when you need them as Ovenly Yours is a one-woman army with Reshma handling all of the baking herself.

    Tricks Of The Trade

    Ovenly Yours also conducts cooking and baking classes for those of you who want to be able to whip up these goodies all on your own. From a gourmet cheesecake workshop to a class on sizzlers, Reshma conducts these classes quite frequently on a whole array of food and cuisines. When it comes to life skills, the ability to make delectable dessert and yummy food rank high on our list. So sign yourself up for these quick tutorials let Reshma’s practised hands guide your way through to a delicious meal at the end of it. Get in touch with them on Facebook to find out when the next class is scheduled.