Forget Goa, The Devbagh Beach In Karvar Is Your New Weekend Getaway


    Forget the busy beaches of Goa and instead head to Devbagh, a private island located in Karvar, Karnataka. A perfect secluded spot and with only one lone resort, this is perfect to hit up for a weekend getaway.

    Beach Calling

    Just off Karwar in Karnataka, Devbagh is a small isolated island just a few kilometres from Goa. Mostly a private beach, you can reach the island either by road or by boat. We vote in favour of going by boat, just because the fresh sea air beats a wheezing auto any day! Extremely isolated, this beach only has one resort — The Devbagh Beach Resort {run by the Jungle Lodges & Resorts} on it. According to the resort’s website, Tagore apparently visited these parts and the pristine beaches were inspiration enough for him to pen a play. Devbagh is pretty much free from commercialisation most of the year, although it can get pretty crowded during tourist season.

    One side of the island is reserved exclusively for leisure and relaxation — the wide-open coastline means you can even just set yourself up on the beach with a blanket and watch the dolphins splashing in the sea just a few meters away! You can also steer a boat up the Kali River if you’d like a closer look, as well as a boat tour through the mangroves to catch sight of some beautiful birds! If you’d like to go banana boat riding, just ask the people who run the resort in advance and they’ll gladly book one for you. You can also check out Oyster Rock’s quaint lighthouse for some British-era history and beautiful views of the sun setting into the sea.

    Something Fishy

    The other side of the island is inhabited by residents, mostly fisherman. Stop by and chat with them — they’re friendly fisher folk, and you can even go on a two-man dugout for some relaxed fishing. Trawling boats can be spotted all over the coastline, adding an air of unmistakable excitement to your evenings. Fresh seafood is always on the menu, if you hadn’t realised that yet!