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Vegetarian & Pan Asain? Quite Possible With This Outlet In Jayanagar

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What Makes It Awesome?

Patio 805, just not a Vegetarian Bistro Jayanagar. Dining here is an experience filled with joy and feasting of the pallet. The simple and superb decor which makes you increase your appetite and amazing hospitality makes a fantastic experience in this Vegetarian Bistro. It's good to see that vegetarians can devour Vietnamese and Pan Asian Cuisine without the fear of having meat here. The exotic flavours of Vietnam which are infused with meat are made with Vegetarian substitutes.

Coming to the food,

1. Lemongrass Soup: Fresh Lemongrass, basil and Brocolli cooked perfectly and infused its flavours into the soup makes it refreshing.

2. Tom Kha: The original Tom Kha with a coconut base and small pieces of mushroom makes this ideal.


1. Oriental Salad: The salad made with peppers and pineapple is one's worth.

2. Vietnamese Rice Noodle Salad: This is very uncommon. In house noodles and fried tofu make it an amazing start.


1. Vegetable Fritter On Sugarcane Sticks: A simple vegetable fritter on a sugarcane stick is very innovative. After having the fritter with jaggery sauce, one can have the sugarcane. This is what we can call it as an absolute delicacy.

2. Dimsums: A special shout to the Dimsums here. One can guarantee that these are made authentically and the toppings are given as much for the pallet.
a. Mixed Vegetable
b. Spinach Corn
c. Shitake Mushroom: My favourite here! Since it has mushrooms.
d. Cheese

3. Wok Tossed Mushroom: Another delicacy which can't be missed and given a good spice. Perfectly made wok tossed mushrooms.

4. Steamed Rolls: When the noodles are not cut, but made as rolls and stuffed with exotic vegetables. This can be had with a Sriracha.

5. Rice Paper Rolls: Vietnamese rice paper rolls are ones we cannot miss. It's the purest preparation of the cuisine.

6. Paneer Satay: As the original flavour persists.

Main Course:

1. Lau Nong - Hot Pot: This is the Vietnamese Hot Pot with veggies, tofu and rice noodles. The hot pot concept is explained well by the staff.

2. Vietnamese Curry: The not so spicy curry with peppers and Brocolli makes this ideal.

3. Coconut Rice: Sticky rice goes very well with Vietnamese curry. The rice doesn't have too much of a coconut flavour. Hence there is a perfect balance with the curry.

Homemade Ice Creams:

These in house Icecreams have their special recipes from Vietnam.
1. Tender Coconut
2. Red Wine and Fig
3. Magai Paan

All the ingredients are sourced from Vietnam or the specific country. The shape of how the vegetables are cut is also different here. Overall a fantastic dining experience in Patio 805.

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