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Dishes From Cambodia & Indonesia: Discover The Real Pan Asian Cuisine At Sriracha!

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What Makes It Awesome?

As the name says, the concept here is Contemporary Pan Asian and Robata. I can tell this as one of the best in Bengaluru for Pan Asian just not like that, but for a truly strong reason. Every dish here is customised or specially designed and curated by Chef Vikas Seth; Even the dining mats here have good information about cuisine in different countries where the recipes are derived from. Sri Racha just does not serve dishes from China, Japan or Thailand, they serve dishes from Cambodia, Indonesia etc. Vegetarians need not fear, you are going to have fun with all the delicacies handcrafted and designed accordingly with the taste not varying so much from its meat counterparts.

To start with the signature Dish Som Tam which is common street food in Thailand. To enhance the experience, we get to see the live preparation of it in a wooden bowl to retain the flavours of mashed veggies with sauces and also the nativity.

Then came the beautiful spring rolls. Being a mushroom lover myself, the wild mushroom spring rolls dazed me away to its glory. There are meat and seafood substitutes for this too. A huge shout for all the in house sauces prepared here, one requires a separate pallet to analyse and enjoy them, be it Coriander soy or any other Sriracha

The Dimsums kept coming one after the other. Shitake and Wild mushroom Dimsums are made to Perfection with the soft outer skin and mildly spice. Chilli soy mushrooms are again a must-try. My eyes got attracted to the Pumpkin and water chestnut Dimsums which looked like baby pumpkins and when can water chestnut in a dim sum go wrong, interestingly the pumpkin water chestnut Dimsums are a super hit. Charcoal seafood dumplings is a mix of seafood in a charcoal base.

How can we not have sushi here? This is one of the highlights here. It was glazed by fire and enriched by chaste flavours.

Robata is a Japanese Slow Barbeque technique and not everyone in Bangalore can Perfect it. I had a "Palat. Palat" moment with Panner today, soft cottage cheese wrapped in a banana leaf, peppered and spiced with secret ingredients made my day. Lemon Grass Chicken robata with a citrus sauce is a must for all the sour lovers.

Speaking of Barbeque, How much can you fancy a Cambodian Barbeque Table known as The Khmer Barbeque table. It is where a round metal grill is placed on live charcoal and near the base of the dome is soup. The grill is done on the centre dome, while vegetables boil on the circumference with the soup. We can add Jasmine Rice or noodles. The shitake mushroom grill was my pick, whereas the Tofu grill is equally tasty.

For mains, we had an Amok Trey which is a Cambodian fish dish but substituted with eggs on our request, with a half boil on top, it looks like Nasi Goreng but completely different.

In Desserts, homemade vanilla cones are a delight, where Vanilla beans sourced from Equador and freshly powdered here, with a touch of Banana, this was above any adjective. Banana Cake with coconut ice cream is a bit more interesting with shredded coconuts and almond crumbs included. I have no more words to express the Sumatra Dark Chocolate Mousse, it is a Da Vinci of all Chocolate Mousses. Chocolovers, here's your pick

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