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Discover Your Love For Vintage Apparel With This Instagram Clothing Brand

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    What Makes It Awesome

    Don’t you love classics like Stayin’ Alive and Saturday Night Fever? With Discovery you can find clothes that are vintage, disco and that are in theme with the ‘70s funk! Not just Disco, Discovery is bringing street culture back with it’s range of well curated outfits for both men and women.Discovery is an instagram clothing store dedicated to vintage and the disco era. With bling and jazz in their apparel, pick up some of their stuff if you want oomph in your wardrobe (and confidence).

    Selling bright printed shirts, bell-bottom denim and gold bordered dresses, the folks here have curated the collection and sourced apparel from across the world so expect them all to be second hand. Jackets and sweaters with bright colours that pop, feel free to mimic your favourite disco stars and actors from the ‘70s and ‘80s. Denim skirts, bomber jackets, joggers and everything street wear is also something you’ll find here.

    So whether it’s a costume party you need to attend or are just looking for fun clothes -- the folks at Discovery will help you out. Just check out their Instagram for their latest drops and you’ll find something of your whole attire including sunglasses, accessories and bags. The products might be on the heavier side, but we think it’s worth it. They deliver Pan India, so just place your orders with them on Instagram.

      Available Online