Disney Bakery Will Wow You With Their Refreshing Tea Varieties And Soft Butter Bun Snacks

    BTM layout, Bangalore

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    Infused with elaichi or flavoured with cardamom, the teas at Disney Bakery are just as tempting as their butter bun snacks.

    What Makes It Awesome

    At least two trips to Disney Bakery have become a part of his daily routine for the security guard from the nearby garment store. And the folks at the bakery know exactly what he likes for his evening snack – plain tea and an egg puff. But he isn’t the only one who swears by their refreshing brew. Going by the crowd in front of the store (no seating options here), the place seems to be everyone’s cup of tea. Apparently, people from different parts of the city go trooping to BTM Layout just to get their tea fix at Disney Bakery.

    Having started off as a condiments store, the nondescript bakery’s immense popularity is all thanks to its selection of tea and coffee along with the varieties of butter buns. Pick from ginger tea, elaichi tea, lemon tea, black tea or the regular version. You might even find people relying on the strong, spices-infused masala tea to ease a bad headache! Not too milky or sugary, it’ll liven you up after a weary day.

    While their coffee options (filter coffee, black coffee and ginger coffee) may not be as favoured, what you must try are the butter-bun snacks which will give you a soft bun cut and slathered with butter, and with a layer of fillings of your choice. Go for the simple Butter Bun or opt for the ones with stuffing like Butter Bun Peanut (peanut masala), Butter Bun Mixture, Butter Bun Samosa or Butter Bun Egg Puff. 

      BTM layout, Bangalore