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Ditch The Houseboats On Your Kerala Trip For The Land Of 3 Cs: Thalassery

    A tiny town in the Kannur district of North Kerala, Thalassery, is testament to our colonial hangover. Spilling over with British-era buildings and places of worship, Thalassery is also known as the Land of 3 Cs: Circus, Cake and Cricket.

    While Keeleri Kunhikannan started the first school of circus in this little town, Lord Wellesley first introduced cricket to Thalassery which then went on to gain acceptance all over Kerala {you can visit Wellesley’s Bungalow}, and you can still get the famous teacakes from Mambili Cakes {who once served the British in town} in their cute, toffee style wrappers! And while you’re there, here’s a few places you must visit for a break from your overly-planned vacays.

    Thalassery Fort

    Built by the British East India Company to maintain a stronghold on the Malabar Coast, Thalassery Fort is an absolute must-see. The intricately carved doors pave way to secret tunnels and underground caves, where little kids challenge each other to see how far they can go before chickening out. Unleash your inner Indiana Jones and explore this fortress of mysteries.

    Overbury’s Folly

    A sunset over the beach is always a good idea and there’s no better place than Overbury’s Folly to do it. The sea side park with a watch tower was constructed by E.N. Overbury, a Briton who was in love with the town as much as we are. There’s also a seaside open-air coffee shop, so spend an evening here with bae for a romantic sunset or just take some time off on your own.

    Sea-View Park

    Let nothing come in between you and the sweeping Arabian sea {except for a steel fence, ‘cause safety} at the Sea View Park. Head to this park, also called Centenary Park, as it’s great place for a stroll or even just to sit on the benches and watch the gorgeous ocean stirring below.

    Muzhappilangad Beach

    A drive-in beach? Count us in! Muzhappilangad Beach, which is about 1 km away from the main Thalassery town, is touted as one of the top six drive-in beaches in the world. Take your cars straight in and drive by the water for some splishy-splashy fun. Take your time and stop for a picnic here, as the beach is not too crowded and pretty clean. Win-win!

    Don't Leave Without The Biryani

    Trying the Thalassery Biryani! Thalassery is popular for specials such as fried mussels, tapioca and coconut-stuffed banana fritters, but none quite like the Thalassery biryani. The biryani is distinct in taste because the rice used is Kaima rice as opposed to the usual Basmati, and the special chicken masala preparation. Mmm… We’re drooling just thinking about it!